How did he get here?

Behrad mirafshar was born in Ahvaz, a city in south west of Iran. Around the age of 12, he moved to Tehran, capital of Iran, with his family. He started his bachelor study in mechanical engineering at the University of Semnan at 18. In the last year of his bachelor, he started a venture with his friends. They started a cafe called Cafe Chi, a place for artists and creatives to meet and exchange ideas. When he was 22, he moved to Sweden to pursue his master studies. He studied a master in sustainable product-service system innovation at BTH, in Karlskrona. His thesis was on using open modes of collaboration for product-service system innovation. On August 2012, he moved to Berlin, Germany. Till April 2012, he worked on several freelance projects, having clients from all over the world. On May 2012, he joined Moped team to shape up the future of communication industry. On January 2014, he started off his collaboration with SPHERE.IO to revolutionize the e-commerce industry. From January 2015 onwards, he is on the hunt for new opportunities.

Where Behrad Mirafshar come from

Who is he? What does he believe?

He sees himself as a creative person with profound sense of sympathy. He loves interacting with others. He constantly seeks to learn new things. His goal is to contribute to the evolution of mankind by improving our experiences about ourselves and our surroundings. As a result he loves to tackle on solving complex problems and designing solutions for them. He likes to design experiences that lasts. He is a great believer in Harmony. He believe that everything would be realized throughout if all its components are in harmony together. He believes that an immersive experience occurs when one falls into a flow of getting entertained.
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Who does he want to become? (in 5 years)

Direction #1: Having my design studio and working on cool/meaningful projects within a small and motivated team.
Direction #2: Working on my own product and pushing the boundaries of design and technology.
Direction #3: Working as a creative director or design lead for a product with solid vision.

Regardless to each of this scenarios, I want:
to be surrounded with smart individuals, to work within a team, to work on a meaningful goal, to have flexibility and creative freedom.

If you resonate with any of these directions: